Your personal team at Greenwood & Cavalier has made direct investments into more than 160 Entrepreneurial Tech Startups across the full spectrum of Tech Investments including Fintech, Ai, SaaS, Consumer Tech, MedTech, Real Estate Tech, Medical Devices, HR, Business Services, and more. The Investment team searching for opportunities for you has spent over a decade cultivating relationships with the top incubators in the world including Y Combinator, 500 Startups (now 500 Global), TechStarsTel Aviv, SeedCamp Europe and more.

The team at G&C money making activities for investors include:

  • Built and sold the first digital marketing company to sell inclusive travel and cruises using internet ads and infomercials
  • Surged a medical staffing company with a large exit
  • Took the sales of a direct-to-consumer mattress firm from zero to $128 million in their 4th year of operation
  • Built a prosperous multi-family real estate business with more than $200 million in projects during their 4th year of operation
  • Built the customer base of a direct to consumer bakery to include customers in more than 190 countries

Anyone with a check book can be an angel investor, but it takes insight to do it well and make investments that can change the wealth trajectory of a family or family office. Greenwood & Cavalier provides the deal flow, due diligence, and structure to make your access a reality.



Joel is a serial entrepreneur, business owner, marketing executive, board certified physician, and venture capitalist.  His legacy includes a three decade career of startups and successful exits in information technology, healthcare, staffing, and management services.

He is adept in investing in founders building fast-growing technology companies with a focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. Portfolio investments can rely on his expertise in MedTech, fintech, SaaS, strategic marketing, and sales growth.  He has served in many executive and advisory roles in similar companies elevating them to the next level.  Currently, he serves as a Chief Marketing Officer for an online marketplace.

His education includes Rice University (BA), University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (MD), University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Parkland Memorial Hospital (Residency), and Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business (EMBA).



Will Swenson is a graduate of Seattle University, The Naval Postgraduate School, and former Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. He was deployed three times during the War on Terror and later served as a United States Department of Defense diplomatic representative across multiple countries in Latin America. He speaks multiple languages.

Today, as a California resident, Will has developed extensive relationships in Silicon Valley and the larger national tech space. He has been a steadfast advocate of security through the innovation of dual-use technologies, which strengthen national security alongside a complementary demand in the civilian economy.

Will also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for National Medal of Honor Museum and the Medal of Honor Foundation, and is the current Vice President for the Medal of Honor Society.

David Wolfe

Senior Advisor — Multiple Founder, Expert Direct to Consumer Marketing

A multiple-time Founder, proven money maker for investors, and global expert in direct to consumer (DTC) marketing. David has uncovered and invested in more than 50 entrepreneurial tech startups. Part of the strong funnel of investment opportunities flowing from Greenwood & Cavalier is a direct result of follow on investment options from Mr. Wolfe.

After earning his MBA at the London Business School, he started his career in strategy consulting in London before moving to Virginia to be Co-Founder and President of The Vacation Store that was sold to America West Airlines. Co-Founder at Leesa Sleep, the online mattress company. David led his team to achieve sales of $128m in year four. Co-Founder and Member of Investment Committee at Envest Ventures, with three funds fully invested. Recently, he has been Founder and CEO at The Fascination, an innovative new online marketplace. It was acquired by StackCommerce.  Using his talents and experience, Mr. Wolfe is an advisor and early investor in Laundry Sauce where sales have rocketed from $40,000 in 2021 to over $15m in 2023 selling only through social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Will McNutt IV

Senior Advisor — Successful Founder, Of Counsel

As the Co-Founder of Anthem Real Estate Partners and previously the in-house counsel for several successful real estate and technology groups, including InvestRes, ResProp Management, and Rex, Will is an expert in identifying young companies for growth. Will sees it as his mission to uplift teams around the world through creative entrepreneurship and strategic risk management.

Will sits on the G&C investment committee, which relies on his expertise in contract negotiations, complex financial transactions, deal structuring, and board-level oversight.

Previously, Will worked as Associate Counsel for the Presidential Inaugural Committee and served as a reserve JAG officer for the Texas Military Department for over a decade. He is an honors graduate of the Texas A&M School of Law and Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. He is married and has three children.

L. William McNutt

Senior Advisor — Successful Founder/ Entrepreneur

L.W. McNutt, an active angel investor since 2016 with over 105 personal direct investments in Y Combinator, 500 Startup, and other similar tech startups. Many of the opportunities uncovered by Greenwood and Cavalier come from his extensive founders network and follow-on investment opportunities.

From Nashville, Tennessee, L.W. previously received his MBA from Vanderbilt and served as a White House staffer in the Office of Privatization during two Presidential Administrations. An expert in cross border digital marketing, McNutt previously lead 53 United States Trade Missions for Direct Marketing.

Philanthropically, McNutt is the Co-Founder of State Funeral for World War II Veterans that resulted in the last Medal of Honor recipient from the Second World War, Hershel “Woody” Williams being the first enlisted man in the 246 year history of our country to lie in honor in the rotunda of the capitol in Washington, DC. He received the Navarro Garcia Award from the Texas Veterans Parade and is the Co-Founder of the Alamo Letter Society in Texas.

Only after the Greenwood & Cavalier team decides to invest in an opportunity do we offer it to our existing investor network. We make our own personal investment decisions before we share the opportunity with others. At G&C we eat our own cooking and we invest along side of you, putting far more than the typical 1-5% of the value of the fund into play.

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