About Greenwood & Cavalier

As the early stage entrepreneurial sector becomes an ever increasing part of the global economy, successful doctors, executives, lawyers and business owners aspire to make their own direct investments to gain exposure to companies that might return to them 10X, 20X, or even 100X their invested capital.

At Greenwood & Cavalier, it is our mission to curate outstanding investment opportunities for ourselves and to share our hard work with a few select investing friends and family offices.

Many investors are blocked from this lucrative asset class by the high minimum investments required by big Venture Funds, and the lack of deal flow to do direct investing. Greenwood & Cavalier is dedicated to bringing you quality deal flow from Silicon Valley and beyond.

Investors in large public companies and angels are both part owners of the companies in which they invest. The difference is that $10,000 invested in Google might buy 20 shares, representing 0.000000023% of the company. Unfortunately, a large “public sector premium” is paid for the right to instant liquidity which is rarely exercised. Investors hope to double their money over 7 to 8 years in the stock market. That same $10,000 invested in a promising startup might purchase 10,000 shares of stock representing a full one percent of the company, and hopefully it will sell for 3x, 5x or more over the same 7 to 8 years. There is always the possibility that this money can come back at 10x, 20x or more.

Both options allow more favorable capital gains treatment. It is possible to invest via IRAs, 401k, and other vehicles to minimize tax burdens. One should consult with qualified tax professionals and attorneys to receive tax or legal advice.

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