Why Greenwood & Cavalier?

Successful families, men, and women who aspire to move their investing beyond the stock market, investment funds and real estate should consider direct, early stage investments in young private companies who can surge using the internet. The challenge for most people is a lack of access or awareness of these opportunities and the large minimum investment size that is required.

At Greenwood & Cavalier (G&C) we believe you are the best allocator of your own capital. What you lack is access to top investment opportunities from Silicon Valley and beyond. Our proven track record of identifying standout companies and niche funds early on differentiates us.

Once the team at G&C decides to invest, we aggregate many small investments into a single large investment that allows everyone to overcome large minimums of $500,000, a million dollars or more by many top Venture Funds.

Your team at Greenwood & Cavalier has made direct investments into more than 160 Entrepreneurial Tech Startups. Only a team who has personally backed this many start-ups possesses the mastery to uncover, research, and bring forward a stream of quality opportunities.

We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to gain allocation in competitive and over allocated tech startups.

We have a philosophical problem with most tech startup investment funds. First, the promoters of these funds are only required to put in 1% of the capital while investors like you put 99%. At Greenwood & Cavalier we will, depending on the size of the raise we create, be putting up 10%, 15% or more of the money going into the investment from our team.

We are “mentor capital.” We use proven methods for finding and picking tomorrow’s winners, and adding value to any business in which we are invested. We serve as executives in many roles ranging from Chief Executive Officers to Marketing Strategy advisors in companies in which we invest in order to accelerate their growth.

Angel Investing is a new global asset class that requires cross border investment expertise. One of our founding team is British, earning his MBA at the internationally renowned London Business School. Another member of our founding team organized and led fifty-three (53) United States Trade Missions for direct response and internet marketing. Another displayed team leadership as a decorated Army Officer with multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as diplomatic roles in Latin America.

To continue to see the best deal flow, our team has spent a decade developing relationships in Silicon Valley, including deep relationships with Y Combinator, 500 Startups, the Joe Montana Fund Liquid2, the Stanford School of Engineering, and more.

We are accessible to you. We will never “layer you” by hiring young “relationship managers” to keep you informed on your investments. Each investment has one of our five core team members directly involved until the final exit.

Anyone with a checkbook can be an angel investor, but it takes insight to do it well and make investments that can change the wealth trajectory of a family or family office.

Private Equity Funds and Tech Investing Funds have raised record amounts of money during the past few years. This money has to be invested or returned. This allows us to invest alongside some very large players in the tech startup space. We share opportunities and use our network to help our startups raise additional rounds of capital until it is time to exit.

Please come and benefit from the Greenwood & Cavalier difference.

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